Greetings fellow Tick fans!

This site is intended to be sort of a "check list" for Tick comics. With all the different series of Tick comics, printings of Tick comics, and variant covers for Tick comics it can be difficult to know what exists for the collector. I have tried to gather all the information I can to create a "check list" of all the Tick comics.

If you are new to collecting Tick comics and you think that some of the issues have duplicates covers... look again, and look closer. Things that change from cover to cover are backgrounds, borders, the colors used in the Tick logo and even the colors used in the NEC logo (in the upper left).

This site does not list plot overviews of Tick comics or list price values. It's a simple list of the comics and trade paper backs, with notes on certain issues.

There is a small reference image of each cover. To see a larger image of the cover rollover or click on the cover image.

If you see any information that is incorrect or know some of the missing information (such as edition sizes) please let me know so I can correct the mistakes or fill in the missing information. Also, if you know of any issues or variant covers that I am missing please send me an email with an image of the cover and a brief description of the issue or cover variant to

Thank you for checking out the site and I hope you find it informative and helpful.

For more information on The Tick and Tick comics please visit: New England Comics the publisher of Tick comics.

New England Comics Press


P.S. Consider this website a work in progress. I do my best to keep it updated. Each page will let you know if the information listed on that page is complete or incomplete.


  Issue   Printing   Date Notes Image

2 1st 1988 Ashcan Edition

Yellow Cover.

Tick - issue 2 ashcan

The Tick. Original Series. Issue 2.
Ashcan Edition - Yellow. Front Cover.

1 1 2015 2015 SDCC Sketch cover with no number

Cover must match image to the right
man eating cow bonanza 1

The Tick. 2015 SDCC Sketch with no number. ???.
Date 2015. Front Cover.

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